Our Story

At Sagrado Cafe, more than a good meal vies for your attention.

The 3,200-square foot space, located across the street 

from the Frost Museum of Science,includes open pastry kitchen, where the staff

bakes sweet and savory items to the soundtrack os bossa nova tunes.

The Café is the creation of Brazilian native Taciana Kalili, who planned the venture for two years before launching it. With a keen eye for presentation, Kalili helms the production of Brazilian recipes.

Kalili, founder of the Brazilian confectionery Brigaderia, focus on down-to-earth, hearty fare inspired by the culinary traditions of Brazil’s interior states, such as Minas Gerais, where meals are cooked in iron pans on wood stoves with only a few condiments because people there, “like food to taste like food”.

The Cafe serves breakfast all day in the form of açai bowl, customized omelets, elaborate sandwiches, tapioca crepes, a gluten-free alternative to pancakes, made with cassava root. If you have time for only a quick snack, try the pão de queijo –a crunchy - crusted cheese puff with a fluffy center, available in gluten-free, seeds, and waffle versions - or the Sagrado Brigadeiro, flavored with milk or dark chocolate, cookie, coconut, hazelnut, or lime.

On weekends, Sagrado becomes a get-together retreat. Miami is a dynamic community. We don’t want to speak to just one audience. We want to welcome people from all over with not only great food but also warmth, grace and a lot of Bossa – that typical Brazilian flair. For Us this is Sagrado!




This spacious 3,200 sq ft. location is enveloped in greenery, highlighted by yellow tiles, deep teal cushions and dispersed planters that ornament the space. Architecturally designed by Marcia Prado, this Cafe features high ceilings and expansive skylights that allow natural light to flood the space. A free-flowing layout is created by the large storefront windows that blur the threshold between interior and exterior spaces, complementary to the warmer Miami climate. Ample outdoor seating beneath the awning allows locals to enjoy all day brunch and lunch in a sun-drenched seat.


The aesthetic of this location pays homage to the industrial history of the area, featuring rustic exposed brick, wooden trusses, and concrete flooring. Sagrado's Cafe signature style tastefully contrasts these elements; represented by whitewashed timber tones and authentic Brazilian Soul