Cancellation Policy

All orders can be cancelled up to 2 days before they are due to be picked up or shipped from our kitchen. Please contact us at to request a cancellation.

Please be sure to include in the subject line that you’re seeking a cancellation, (i.e. [Cancellation] Order # and Full Name).

If you placed your to arrive the next day, we unfortunately cannot cancel your order due to the limited processing time.

Return Policy

Sagrado does not accept returns, offer exchanges, and/or grant refunds on any goods sold unless the issue for return, exchange, and/or refund is the result of an error in our manufacturing, packaging, or handling of the goods.

We are not responsible for delays caused by one of our shipping partners due to weather, mechanical error, strikes, natural disaster, terrorism safety control, inaccurate shipping information, or mistakes on the part of our shipping partners' employees. Therefore, we are not able to offer refunds for those reasons. However, if you believe that our shipping partners has mishandled your package please let us know, and we will gladly file a claim on your behalf.


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